How To Help

There are numerous ways in which you can assist the ongoing efforts of Global Refuge International.  Here are just a few:

  • Donate.  GRI supplies education, medical supplies, and medical training to those in countries that do not have the resources to fend for themselves.  Their life expectancies are much lower than those living in more developed regions.  As a non-profit organization, all support comes from donations made by caring people like yourself.  Every bit helps, and none of it goes to waste.  Please consider donating today.  Right now.
  • Volunteer. Not everyone can afford to make donations of a monetary kind, but volunteering is an excellent way to provide additional assistance and to know you’re assisting GRI in their remarkable work around the world. They’re always looking for someone just like you.
  • Spread the WordNone of the aid and assistance that GRI provides takes place in a vacuum.  It takes place in the real world, and affects and impacts real lives.  Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are in danger in regions that seem so far away, but they’re not.  They’re right here on our planet.  And they die because they don’t have what you and I have right now.  Things like medical care, food, shelter and education is often all that stands between them and staying alive.  Get involved by bookmarking the sites and telling everyone you know about the amazing work GRI does, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Humanitarian efforts never cease…not as long as you are able to help.