We All Belong To The Culture of Humanity

Global Refuge Stories brings front line information from the ongoing efforts of Global Refuge International and Global Goods and Coffeenon-profits with a commitment to providing humanitarian assistance to those whose needs are not being met, and who  strive to be with those people in their suffering and healing.  Their mission is to  provide an emergency lifeline to victims of disease, war, and disaster.  Our mission at Global Refuge Stories is to make sure that their Herculean efforts do not go unnoticed or unremarked, and to serve as the global voice of their efforts.


Refugees in Uganda ©2014 Global Refuge International

What they do isn’t pretty or glamorous.  Much of the time, their accomplishments go unnoticed simply because there’s no easy way to package and market what they do.  Disaster and war make the news, but not the behind-the-scenes recovery efforts that take place around the clock.

Both organizations are “feet on the ground” undertakings and provide all assistance through their incredible network of volunteers and through donations by citizens the world over who know how important it is to help others, no matter which culture they belong to.  For we all belong to the culture of humanity.

Global Goods and Coffee helps to sustain Global Refuge’s projects with its threefold nature: coffee, resale items and global goods.  Located in Arvada, Colorado, their shops raise funds for the provisions (which include medical training and supplies, food, shelter, clean drinking water, and many other necessities), and is also staffed entirely by volunteers.

GRS brings you front line stories, images, and ways in which you can help.  Please bookmark the site and sign up for email notifications to keep up with their interventions and achievements.

To submit a story or inform us of related information, please contact us via email at:  GlobalRefugeStories@gmail.com


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